The Blueberry 

May I just start off by saying this week has been a LOOONG week. I was suppose to have my first ultrasound on the 22nd. So being the anxious person that I am I was stressing. All I wanted to see was that little heart beating. I NEVER & I mean never wanted something so bad. I remember waking up on the 21st thinking just one more day, just one more day! When I went to the restroom I saw the worst thing that I could have ever seen. BLOOD.

My heart sank. I immediate started bawling.. not crying BAWLING. I ran to my room & called the doctor immediately. Of course it was only 7:30 am & the office doesn’t open til 9. Thankfully they have on call answering system. When the lady answered I must have sounded hysterical. She asked me to take a deep breath & tell her what’s wrong. So that’s what I did.

*takes deep breath

“My names Cayla, I am about 6 weeks pregnant & I woke up to some blood”

She was so helpful, she took my message & called my doctor immediately. I shortly received a call from my doctor to come in as so as they open. & that’s what I did. When I went they did the normal check up. He said everything seemed to be okay be I should go to the hospital immediately to get some blood work & my ultra sound. 

So I call a Uber & rush over. I check in & the wait goes by quickly. My blood test was short & easy. But then came the ultrasound. I was  suppose to have my ultrasound at 10:30 but wasn’t seen til about 11:30. The whole time I am in the lobby I just keep repeating “Please Lord let there be a heart beat.” Over & over & over until they finally called my name.

They get me all set up, my legs are in the stirrups & they begin. Since I am so early on they use the wand instead of the one that just goes on the belly. So she starts the ultrasound & a few minutes pass. Then a few more minutes pass. I look at her & she starts to make this squinty eye confused face. & I ask her “Does everything look alright?” She answered “I’M NOT AUTHORIZED TO SAY.” I wanted to punch her! What the hell do you mean you’re not authorized to say?! Before she said anything else 30 minutes pass by. She flips the screen & says “you’re about 7 weeks 1 day, your baby is the size of a BLUEBERRY & you see that little flickering?”



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